DJI is currently working on its first FPV Racing Drone

DJI is known for its drones which have made a mark in the industry. However, they are all drones which we need to fly. Now, DJI is working on its first first-person-view or FPV drone. This is revealed after the FCC filings from DJI came to light. DJI registered three new products with the government named as DJI FPV Air Unit,” “DJI FPV Remote Controller,” and “DJI FPV Goggles”.

This gives us a clear indication as to what is coming from DJI. Also, this seems to be DJI’s first attempt at making a full-fledged FPV drone with all the stuff that you would need. At the moment, DJI does not have a drone which is for the drone racing/FPV users and this seems to be all set to change that as well.

It is also known that drone racing competitions are emerging everywhere currently and there is also a demand which is ever-increasing for people who can do videography on FPV drones. Therefore, a product from DJI dedicated for this reason would be a great idea. Also because of the fact that DJI’s products are easier to use as compared to the other products which require technical knowledge.

DJI drones
DJI drones

However, the Verge reports that DJI making an FPV drone is interesting because FPV drones are prone to crashing a lot. However, we have seen that DJI’s drones are not very easy to repair when they crash. So DJI will also have to work on its repairability before launching the FPV drones in the market.

Also, FPV drones do not have GPS assist and they are known to fly at a much faster speed which makes them harder to control. Since they capture FPVs, they need to maintain a certain speed as well. Until now, DJI has only made small cameras and drones so this will be a different league to step in for the company too.