PUBG's Aftermath Survivor Pass brings 75+ new rewards & outfits to the game
PUBG's Aftermath Survivor Pass brings 75+ new rewards & outfits to the game

PUBG’s Season 4 comes with updated Erangel map and with another S4 Survivor Pass named “Aftermath Survivor Pass”. It offers more than 75+ new cosmetic, unique outfits and vehicle skins to the game. The Aftermath Pass can be purchased from PUBG Store for $9.99 and it’s available only for the PC platform.

The PUBG Survivor pass brings new cosmetic items and players can earn it by completing the missions and levering up their passes. Those missions include landing in certain places, using the same weapons, healing yourself or your friends a certain number of times, trespassing the enemies using vehicles and more.

PUBG Aftermath Survivor Pass
PUBG Aftermath Survivor Pass: Season 4

Just like other PUBG UC passes, you have to finish the mission before this season completes. PUBG Corp. also added a new mission system named, Co-Op Mission. The new co-operative mission will allow players to play together to gain more rewards and it gives access to every single PUBG player and offers rewards for completing their missions.

The Aftermath pass will unlock access to premium missions, new challenges and more than 75+ rewards, including “Red Zoned” for the UAZ along with new clothing, jackets, weapon skins and more. As mentioned, the new PUBG Aftermath Pass is available for PC gamers and players can buy for $9.99 from PUBG store.

However the Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath pass will be live only for 12 weeks from now – until October 15 PDT. The S4 pass will end with the live server maintenance. Stay tuned at Morning Tick for updates on Gaming topics.


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