Android will soon tell you the exact battery life status of your Bluetooth headphones

We have seen that the last few years have been great for Bluetooth headphones and Bluetooth SIC in general. Because each and every OEM around the world is pushing towards wireless technology. Also, this is partly due to the removal of 3.5-mm headphone jack which means there is no port for wired listening instruments. Unless you have held on to any smartphones released in 2017 or before, your device will not have a headphone jack.

But there is one major problem related to Bluetooth headphones and earphones. This is the battery life estimate that we are not able to see at the moment. Although we can see how much battery life is remaining on our Bluetooth devices, we cannot estimate its battery life. This means that it might go dead and we are stuck with a Bluetooth headset which is non-functional.

Detailed information of battery life
Detailed information about battery life

However, Android is solving that problem for us too. Because Google has announced more detailed battery life information and compatibility with Find My Device for Bluetooth devices. This means that your Bluetooth headphones will have similar battery life estimate as your smartphone which is mostly accurate. After that, you can easily judge as to how much your headphones will run and when you need to charge them.

Google Fast Pair headphones
Google Fast Pair headphones

Now, this is not a huge feature but is still a pretty great feature coming to Android by the end of 2019 as per Google. In all likeliness, this feature will come with Android 10 Q or with a later update to Android Q. Also, Find My Device will also let you “ring” the devices so that it is easier for you to find them. With users using Fast Pair for Bluetooth-enabled devices, you can easily locate your devices and see when they were last used. These features are definitely expected to make your Bluetooth-listening experience better.