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Vivo’s ‘Dual Wi-Fi Technology’ shown-off on video delivers faster Internet speeds

Time and again, Vivo comes up with some very unique ideas for its smartphones. We saw that Vivo was one of the first smartphone manufacturers to show off a smartphone with the pop-up selfie camera. Also, Vivo released a smartphone last year with a mechanical sliding camera too. Basically, Vivo has tried everything for its smartphones which has helped other manufacturers too.

Recently, we saw Vivo show off its in-display camera technology as well. While that technology is still very new, we at least know that Vivo is working on it. Now, Vivo has shown real-world usage of its ‘Dual Wi-Fi technology’ which is supposed to make Internet speeds better. As the name suggests, Dual Wi-Fi technology will let you connect your Vivo smartphones to two Wi-Fis at the same time. Also, this technology will support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi networks.

Vivo's 'Dual Wi-Fi Technology' shown-off on video delivers faster Internet speeds
Vivo’s ‘Dual Wi-Fi Technology’ shown-off on video delivers faster Internet speeds

It is also obvious that you will get much better speeds while being connected to two Wi-Fi networks as opposed to one. Because this will combine the data speeds from both the networks and give you double the speeds. However, the fun part is that this technology has been shown to be working by Vivo which is a huge achievement.

Most important, Vivo’s video shows that you might be connected to a primary Wi-Fi network but this will let you connect your device to a secondary network as well. With this technology, you can enjoy the smooth browsing experience while playing games as well. Because we have often seen that the browsing experience gets disturbed when we play games or vice-versa.

The video posted by Vivo’s product manager attached above also shows how smooth the smartphone gaming experience becomes. Also, the download speeds also get improved by 2-3x when connected to dual Wi-Fi networks as opposed to only one.

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