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Google has launched another new app which is named as Shoelace. And this name might sound weird but it just an invite-only app which has been developed by Google’s in-house incubator named Area 120. This is a space where people come up with ideas and create apps and websites.

However, if the idea is good and the app picks up more users then Google deploys its engineers on that project from its incubator. Therefore, this app still has a lot of time to go before it is officially known as a Google app. Currently, the Shoelace app is limited to the New York City area only and is available on an invite-only basis.

This means that the app still has time to go before it even gets listed on Play Store as an early-access app. Talking about Shoelace app, it is a new social networking app which is used to organize local events and activities without the hassle of inviting each and every one separately.

Google Shoelace banner
Google Shoelace banner

Also, there are times when you need to send the address of the location too but it is also frustrating. From this app, everyone that is invited will get the address as well as event details and they can RSVP right inside the app too.

Although the launch of Shoelace can be called as a soft launch, it comes months after Google shut down Google+. This was the biggest attempt from Google at creating a competitor to Facebook and Twitter which we now know failed badly. Although Shoelace is not competing against Facebook and other social networks, it definitely competes against Facebook Events and other similar features.

One striking similarity found by Android Police is that Shoelace is mostly same as Schemer which was launched back in 2011 by Google. Later, this app was also shut down by Google in 2014 due to lack of users.

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