Nintendo Switch Lite
Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo has made a surprise announcement for gaming enthusiasts in its Switch lineup. The company has launched Nintendo Switch Lite which is a lighter variant of the Nintendo Switch. As we have seen by now, Nintendo Switch has been massively successful as a gaming console on-the-go. Now, Nintendo wants to bring that experience to even more people with the Switch Lite. Therefore, you can also say that Nintendo Switch Lite is an affordable version of its original variant.

Nintendo Switch was available in the US markets at $300 whereas the Nintendo Switch Lite comes at $100 less. Also, there are some tradeoffs in the Nintendo Switch Lite which are obvious due to its lower price. You get a 5.5-inch screen that displays at a resolution of 720p compared to the Nintendo Switch’s 6.2-inch display. You can not connect your Nintendo Switch Lite to your TV via HDMI cable or USB Type-C.

This shows that Nintendo Switch Lite is positioned as a handheld device. While you can also use the Nintendo Switch as a gaming controller connected to the TV. You get the same headphone jack as seen on the Switch but there is still no Bluetooth support. Additionally, you no longer get detachable Joy-Con controllers on the Switch Lite. This means you can no longer customize the controllers of the Switch Lite as you wish. Having said that, you get colour options from Nintendo for the Switch Lite.

You also don’t get rumble or the IR motion sensors on the Nintendo Switch Lite. Also, Nintendo Labo will not work with the Switch Lite as well because it is smaller than the Switch. CNet says that the Nintendo Switch Lite feels even sturdier than the Switch because of non-detachable Joy-Cons. Finally, Nintendo Switch Lite is coming to the US on September 20 for just $200.


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