Nokia Beacon 1 Mesh Router unveiled as an entry-level router at just $130

Nokia has announced an affordable version of its Beacon 3 router which was released last year. This new entry-level router from Nokia is named as Beacon 1. Not only is the Beacon 1 affordable, but it also shares some of the features that were seen on Nokia’s Beacon 3. Now, this is a router of Mesh type and is an alternative to Google and Amazon’s Mesh router offerings.

Same as Beacon 3, Nokia’s Beacon 1 also supports 802.11ac and it can also be used as a WiFi extender. This means that you do not have any dead spots left in your home or office for coverage. There is a dual-band system on this Beacon 1 router from Nokia which has an easy setup procedure. You just need to scan a QR code and the router will be connected to the network. For the other Beacons, you just need to plug and play.

Nokia Beacon 1 Mesh Router

Although Beacon 1 is limited to AC1200 speeds, there are built-in features such as ‘Intelligent Channel Selection’ that optimize bandwidth. Compared to Beacon 1, Beacon 3 comes with AC3000 speeds. Also, Beacon 1 is said to cover a large area as it is claimed to be spread across 1500 square feet. Also, you will be able to see a WiFi heat map of your area where the Beacon is so that you can eliminate dead spots.

Now, we know that the competition in the Mesh Router segment is heating up. With the launch of Nokia’s Beacon 1 Mesh system, the competition is more than ever before. Nokia, however, is betting on the price of its Beacon 1 Router to stand out among the rest. The company says that “Beacon 1 is an entry-level, whole-home mesh WiFi system for consumers looking for the best performance at the best price”. As far as Nokia Beacon 1’s price is concerned, it starts at just $130 for single Beacon whereas the 3-pack Beacon 1 is available for $300 only.