Philips’ pair of hybrid USB Docking Monitors launched

Philips launches two new LCD monitors with USB docking feature along with Windows Hello support. The new Philips 241B7QUBHEB and 272B7QUBHEB IPS LCD monitors come with 24-inch FHD and 27-inch QHD displays, respectively.

Discussing the feature, Philips has made these two monitors available to be used as a USB docking station and provided the HDMI and DisplayPort connections. Another interesting feature is the support of Windows Hello pop-up webcams. Apart from these, Philips has added more features that give good user experiences.

Philips USB Dock Monitors 1
Philips USB Dock Monitors

However, the main motive of the monitors is to provide a built-in USB dock so that the laptop users don’t need traditional monitors. The new Philips USB Docking Monitors will allow users to connect their devices like laptops, mobiles and with multiple displays while charging your device. The USB dock uses a single dual-mesh USB cable compatible with Type-C and Type-A connectors.

Philips USB Dock Monitors
Philips USB Dock Monitors

Philips also claims these monitors come with a new feature called PowerSensor. It uses IR beams to detect the human if no is detected the monitor will be going back to low brightness mode. Philips says this feature will prolong monitor life. The monitors also feature Kensington lock, 2W stereo speakers, 2MP web camera and plug and play support for both Windows and Mac platforms.

Talking about the price tag, the Philips USB Docking Monitors will cost around £319 and £489 respectively. For more technical specs, check the official product page.