Samsung will surprisingly release a new smartphone at the end of the year: Reports

Earlier there were impressions that the second half of 2019 will be utilized in repairing Samsung Galaxy Fold, releasing Galaxy Note 10, and also launching Samsung Galaxy A80 in the market, but something else is coming up too. There have been reports that Samsung is coming up with a wildcard up its sleeves this year.

One of our news sources has reported that Samsung is planning to release another smartphone this year apart from Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Fold, and Galaxy A80.

Samsung recently released numerous Galaxy A handsets during an event in April, and the most important part is that Samsung is about to surprise us with few other models that the company has not even discussed. There are reports that Samsung will release the new smartphone in the upcoming months.

Recently we got to know that Samsung is coming up with its upgraded Galaxy A70 which will be launched with a name Galaxy A70S. The smartphone will have a 64MP sensor camera, and our sources have reported that the smartphone, besides having a powerful camera, will have some of the other powerful specifications too.

One of the leakers took the concern to Twitter and in one of the posts mentioned:


“ Believe me, the most creative Samsung smartphone in the second half of 2019 is not Fold or Note10, you just have to wait, don’t ask me more”.

Besides this, there might be another foldable device that Samsung is working upon, and it may surprise everyone following its launch. There are reports that Samsung is working upon numerous new folding devices recently, and there is a possibility that the South Korean tech giant will release it before the end of the year. But overlooking the situation that Galaxy Fold created, Samsung might hesitate to launch another foldable smartphone anytime soon.